Why choose us?

Cyber Ridge specializes in blockchain forensics, data science and transaction tracking and cryptocurrency recovery. We have established partnerships with all leading vendors of professional blockchain forensics tools, and use a combination of on-chain and off-chain analytics and investigative techniques. We leverage deep in-house experience as well as third-party expertise when warranted.

Investment Fraud

Bitcoin Mining Fraud

Binary Options Fraud

Forex Scam

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Cyber Ridge Solution

Cyber Ridge Solution is a foremost fraud investigative agency with a goal to provide premium services to all. Team work has been the bedrock of our many successes over time. We possess a team of experienced and well trained experts who are backed by our legal unit responsible for delineating legal boundaries and our black hat department who penetrate and breach the toughest defense systems and also defend against fraudsters and intrusions.


Our work process in four easy steps

Case Setup

Fill out our online form or speak with one of our recovery experts to set up a case. This normally takes less than 10 minutes for new customers. You will need basic information about your case. Our experts will also discuss case options to help you choose a service level.

Case Evaluation

Your case is assessed by well trained recovery engineers. Before making a decision, you will be able to review a firm price quote and an estimated turnaround time. Cyber Ridge offers free standard evaluations for cryptocurrency recovery and most other financial fraud.

Recovery Solution

Our team recovers your funds by working in a Class 5 clean room. Cyber Ridge is at the forefront of technology research and development, and we offer unequaled success rates for cryptocurrency recovery, hard drives, RAID arrays, and various other financial fraud. We have fully outfitted laboratories at each of our locations – your case won’t be outsourced to another facility without your permission.

Fund Restoration

We deliver every lost fund or asset recovered during the case to our clients. Delivery is one of our core values.

Our Team

Our team uses proprietary algorithms and optimized multi-threaded programs to break the encryption and check possible password combinations for your wallet. With your best guesses on your password and our significant track record in successful password recovery, working with our team gives you the best chance at gaining access to a wallet you have been locked out of.

We are Global

Cyber Ridge partners with local law enforcement agencies to trace and follow digital money trails to investigate and prosecute various Cryptocurrency crimes, cyber crimes and money laundering crimes.

Career at Cyber Ridge

Are you a truly great engineer, programmer or data scientist? Interested in mind-blowing challenges in the rapidly evolving world of the blockchain? Picture yourself on the very cutting edge of computer and data science, like applying machine learning on an unprecedented scale to massive data lakes and huge data flow pipelines.